November 2018
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Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at Liddington Village Hall, opposite the church

December 10th
January 11th
Annual meal - Cross Keys Inn, Rowde, SN10 2PN

Next date is 6 April 2019 at Three Trees Farm Shop, Chiseldon
BikeSafe Lyneham 
3 July 2019
Supporting to Police with tutors at MOD Lyneham
Calne Bike Meet
27 July 2019
Monthly Ride-Outs
Remember that monthly Bike Ride-Outs take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Check the Forum for details
Do you have a topic you would like discussed, or know of an interesting speaker?  Please contact Monica!

Congratulations to the following members who have passed their Advanced Tests recently:  
Gary Franks - passed his Diploma for Cars

Robin Jackson; Car retest  - Gold.  mentored by Les Brown and Chris Gleed

Ian Sweet; Bike - Silver.  Tutors Peter Genet and Mike Southgate
Please welcome the following to the Group:
 Joseph Hill, Jessica Riley and Kevin Cordery
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RoADAR HQ workshop -Castle Combe 24 November

Four members of RoADAR Wiltshire attended a workshop with HQ on Saturday 24 November.  The headlines are reported below and we look forward to more information coming after the other 2 workshops in York and Donington Park in Jan and Feb 019 respectively (details below).
There were members from Groups from the South of England and Wales and 3 of the regional coordinators.
Chief Executive of RoSPA Errol Taylor was present and chaired the day.  He thanked us all for the contribution to road safety but lamented the fact only 0.02% of drivers on the road were RoSPA trained and 90% of collisions on the road were due to human factors, which could be avoided.
The good news is deaths on the roads are now at about 2000 per year but seem to have flat lined.
He reminded us of the RoSPA Vision:
Life free from serious accidental injury.
There was a very interesting talk by Mark Gallagher from Performance Insights who has worked in Formula 1 for over 30 years.  He talked about how there was a sea change in attitude to safety post the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994.  The number of deaths in F1 has reduced from 45 between 1954 – 1994 to 1 since 1994.  The primary reason for the FIA regulation is the safety of all involved in F1, including spectators.
We then broke into separate sessions to look at the following topics:
Social media
Testing experiences
The feedback session focussed on the need for more support for the Groups from HQ and Errol was shocked by,  but understood, the opinions of all the Groups represented.  Whilst it was acknowledged there is a lack of resources in RoADAR HQ we needed better coordination and information if we were to ensure we maintain the correct standards.  Some national representation is also required to assist with recruitment and respresentation particularly given the profile of IAM.
Meeting Report  - Anthony Simpson  from Crowd Charge talking about Electric vehicles.
Here are the highlights the full report is on the Forum
Anthony was influenced by global warming and wanted to try and make a difference. 
 The cost of batteries has dropped 80% in the least 10 years and the energy density has increased - mainly due to developments by Tesla.
Chargers are increasing and you can see where they are on ZAPMAP
The Government are looking to create a single network of charging points to get round the access problems with the current multi network set up in uk. 
Range is improving and the new Hyundai Kona has a claimed range of 300 miles (240 miles has been achieved in testing) which could be the first mass produced electric vehicle; they are not yet in true mass production.
UK Greenhouse gas emissions have reduced but not for vehicles– this is due to more 4x4 and more vehicles on the road but increased efficiency of the internal combustion engine means the emission have not increased. 
Vehicle testing is changing to make the tests more transparent and realistic.  Details are here 
The numbers of electric cars are increasing and there are now >3Million in operation around the world and the rate of increase in increasing.  Significantly in China.  In the USA Tesla sales are higher than BMW and Mercedes combined. UK are now 3% of all vehicles are electric and plug or hybrid.
Problem in the future will be the environmental effect of obtaining fossil fuels – e.g. the devastation caused by the tar sands extraction in Canada.
So what about charging the vehicles? There are a lot of myths and National Grid has produced a myth busting paper  It is in this area where Anthony is working.
Anthony’s message was we can make a difference so go to an electric vehicle when you can; consider:
What range you need
Where you can charge
Look at whole life costs
Go for it and make a difference.
Annual Meal - 11 Jan 2019
On Lieu of the monthly meeting we will be holding our annual meal on 11 Jan 2019.
This will be held at the Cross Keys Inn in Rowde SN10 2PN in the Skittle Alley so be prepard for some gentle competition.
Mary Southgate has offered to orghanise the event for which we are all very grateful.
To keep the administration easy and to aid mixing durting the evening we are proposing a buffet and some skittles.
Please let the Chairman know if you want to attend (and include any dietry requirements).  Please also send £10 per person to the Treasurer to secure your place.
More details to follow shortly by mailshot
Membership Renewal - Final Reminder
If you have not done so already please renew your membership.  If you have not done so by the end of this year then we will assume you do not wish to continue with the Group.
Ths is just to ease our administration and if you wish to rejoin at any time please just send your subscription to the Treasuer and let the Membership Secretary know
Messages from RoADAR HQ
Car Cost Calculator
Earlier this year RoSPA designed a cost calculator to allow drivers to estimate how much it costs to run their car and how much they would need to spend on public transport if they decided to no longer use their vehicle.
The road safety team at RoSPA are currently conducting a survey to evaluate the use of the cost calculator,, and identify any ways in which it can be improved.  To help in the research we would be very grateful for your comments and responses to help determine how to make improvements to the cost calculator. The questionnaire should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.
We would like to reassure you that all responses are anonymous.

If you would like to take part in the survey, and share with groups members you can access it at: If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email
Have your driving assessment televised?
After the success of 100 Year Old Driving School, there has been a strong interest in following older drivers and their stories. A production company been in touch with us as they are currently casting for the second series of the BBC 1 show ‘One Day That Changed My Life’, which follows individuals as they receive life-changing results.
They contacted us to see if any older drivers wish to or are due to be carrying out an assessment in the next couple of months and if they maybe interested in taking part in the show. It would entail a cameraman sitting in on the assessment, and seeing the feedback from the assessor, they may also carry out interviews with the individual to gain an understanding of the background and why it is they taking part in a RoSPA assessment.
In the last series they featured many amazing individuals who were going through very different events in their life, and their aim is to include a real mixture of stories within the series.
If you are aware of any individual, family, friends who may be  interested in taking part, you can get in touch with RoSPA’s media and PR officer, Nicole Nayyar:
New Regional Coordinator for South West (further South West than Wiltshire)
Mark Bull shall be joining the team as of 1st December a Regional Coordinator, South West.
Mark is a serving traffic Sergeant with West Midlands Police with 20 years’ service and has been a RoSPA car and motorcycle examiner since 2014. Mark is also advanced driver trained in tactical pursuit and containment as well as an advanced trained motorcyclist qualified as a VIP escort rider.
You will be able to read more about Mark and our other  new Regional Coordinators Allan Mauchline, Ireland and Scotland and Simon Burgin, East and South East in the Christmas edition of Care on the Road.
I am sure you will join me in welcoming Mark to the team, Marks contact email will be
Richard Howes reamins as our regional coordinator and this appointment brings the number of Regional Coordinators to 5.
Geeks Corner - What month do we get new joiners?

 Of the 132 members we had post AGM... 
January saw 4 joiners over the years.   2 cars 2 bikes
February had 9 new joins                     5 cars 4 bikes
March had 6 joins                                5 cars 1 bike 
April had 11                                         2 cars 9 bikes
May had 11                                         6 cars 5 bikes
June had 10                                        2 cars 8 bikes
July had 13                                         7 cars 6 bikes
August had 14                                     7 cars 7 bikes  
September had 16                              10 cars 6 bikes
October had 21 joins                           10 cars 11 bikes
November had 9                                  7 cars 2 bikes
December had 7                                  5 cars 2 bikes

Excluding the anomaly of October, this makes April to September our busiest time, which makes sense in terms of the weather.

RoADAR Roadshows - 2 more workshops with RoADAR HQ
RoADAR HQ are conducting 2 further RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders workshops.
The aim of the half day workshops is to share best practice, network with our fellow groups and colleagues, discuss our achievements over the past 12 months (including talking about what’s next); there will be a forum where members can discuss various topics to allow HQ to hear your ideas and views.
The workshops are free to attend and are open to all subscribing full members
The workshops shall take place from 9:30 – 12:30 as follows:
Saturday, January 26, 2019 – York Railway Museum
Saturday, February 2, 2019 – Donnington Park
Book your place
To book your place or for more information, please click the following link:  and complete the booking form. If you have any questions or queries please contact or call 012 248 2099.
Spaces are limited and issued on a first-come first-served basis.
RoSPA has the final decision on attendees. 
Committee minutes    These are available from the Group Secretary if any member wishes to see them. If you are interested in reading the minutes, then please send a mail to the Group Secretary whom will promptly forward them onto you.
Committee membership  Always on the lookout for willing volunteers to help run the group and maintain its high standards. Just for info, the committee meets once a month. However, the mix of the committee is very strongly biased towards bikers; there is only one car representative now on the committee. Any car drivers want to change the balance?

Please all Members use the Forum on the Website which can be used for any purpose but particularly coordinating events, hints, tips and general conversation.  It is easy to register on the website so please do log on and chat away.
Test results 
Reminder to let the Membership Secretary and your tutor know when you have taken your Advanced Driving/Riding Test and result. This is so our database is kept up to date; there is no need or pressure at all to have the result published on the website or in this newsletter if you wish to keep your result confidential.

Communication from RoADAR Coordinator - Richard Howes
Richard's monthly message has been placed on the Forum under General Discussion.  Please head over there to see the latest from our Regional Coordinator
RoADAR Head Office facebook Page
Reminder of the page: or type in RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders in to your facebook.
Skillshare  - Next Event April 2019 Three Trees Farm Shop Chisledon
Membership Secretary: Mr Gary Franks
Hon Secretary: Mr Peter Genet
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