August 2017
Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of every month 7.30 pm for 7.45 pm at Liddington Village Hall, opposite the church

September 11
Mark Kendrick From Bespoke Driver Training
Subject Commentary Driving
October 9 - AGM
Lee Lowry - Air Vests
(Discount on the night)
November 6
December 11
Norman Parry - Both Sides of the Himalayas by Motorbike
January 23 2018
Annual Dinner

Dates For Your Diary

Monthly Ride-Outs
Remember that monthly Bike Ride-Outs take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month. 
Events where we will be recruiting and  need your support - please put them in your diary and inform the Secretary if you can help.
Emergency Services Show
3 September
Cotswold Airport near Kemble, Gates open 10am.
Do you have a topic you would like discussed, or know of an interesting speaker?  Please contact Monica!

Congratulations to the following members who have passed their Advanced Tests recently:
Lee Churchill - Car Gold - tutor Nick Carrington
Gary Franks - Car re-test  Gold
Stuart Gore - Bike - Gold - tutor Mark Sealey. 

New Associates:
Please welcome the following to the Group:
Kevin Dickens - Car
Stephen Jordan - Bike
Stephen Himbury - Bike
Peter Milner - Bike
Ashley Oliver - Bike
Don’t forget that we have a range of clothing available to purchase. We also offer a range of books, such as Roadcraft, Motorcycle Roadcraft and the Highway Code, and these are available at discounted prices.

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We are always looking for more articles, ideas and news for the newsletter. Have you been somewhere interesting recently that would make a good story? If you attend any group events then take a camera and send us your pictures!

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August Notices
This is fast approaching, October 9!! We would encourage members to attend the AGM to vote in new committee members, and, as importantly, to hear feedback about the Accreditation Consultation process, and RoSPA in general.
Chairman and Committee 
We are still seeking new Committee members and particularly Chairman, Secretary and Speaker Coordinator.  If you wish to help develop the Group please let Mary know at
If you are at all interested and wish to see how the Committe works then please join us a at the next committe meeting on 20 Sep at 7.30pm in Liddington. We all can add value to the Group and fresh ideas are always welcome so please help to guide and run the Group. 
October still seems a long way off but it will be here before we know it.
No Speaker in August, but included below is a ride out report from the Born to be Mild bikers who visited National Bike Safe at Rockingham.
Born to be Mild – more Earl Grey tea on a ride out.
On 19 August six bike riding members headed to the National BikeSafe event at the Rockingham Motor Speedway near Corby in Northamptonshire.  An early start was called for as the destination is further north than you think and of course we have to stop for coffee and cake on the way! A long day as most of us arrived home at about 7 pm but a really good day out.
National BikeSafe is an annual event where the Police Forces of Britain join forces with Open Roads to help promote road Safety.  Police motorcycle officers offer observed rides for members of the public to promote safer riding – this is a fertile recruiting opportunity for advanced groups as the Police Officers tend to recommend further training.  The difference between the regional BikeSafe and the National event is the inclusion of the California Superbike School who provide the opportunity for those who have had an observed ride by the Police to have a few laps of the race circuit.
There was also a great collection of other saftey related attractions including moto-gymkhana (which promotes slow riding skills and this was a great spectator opportunity) to stunt riders doing amazing things with motor bikes (not much mechanical sympathy on show but very clever handling).  Sadly there was not a RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders stand which I think is a missed opportunity by Head Office - IAM were there and did swift business with motorcyclists who had just been advised to take some advanced training!
We had a lovely ride up and down the Fosse way in great weather conditions (what a relief for those without waterproofs) with a break on each journey at the lovely
Hill Top Farm Café ( near Leamington Spa on the Fosse Way) – highly recommended. 
This prompted the usual presentation of excuses as to why each individual had earned the cake they were about to eat!  A pretence of necessity was forgotten on the way home but the theme of big bad bikers drinking earl grey tea is not lost  - earl grey cream tea was enjoyed by some of us.  This caused us to think of the usual image of bikers and we in RoSPA Advance Drivers and Riders Wiltshire really feel we have missed our vocation and are born to be mild!  
Bob Fram

Head Office - Accreditation Consultation
Winston Castle kindly represented the Group at one of the consultation meetings at RoSPA HQ in Birmingham.  We furnished him with responses to the latest comminication from HQ and he had our lines to take; there are some areas which are unacceptable to the Group and a severe lack of recognition for the voluteer status of all our members.  We will be reviewing the feedback at the next committee meeting and will report back on his findings in time for the AGM in October.
First Aid course 
Saturday 13th January 2018. A course has been booked for up to 24 people. Drop a line to the Membership Secretary if interested.  

At the end of this course you will obtain an ITC First Aid Qualification which is recognised nationally, certificate, paperwork and updated manual.  The group is subsidising this and requires a non-refundable booking and deposit of £25 per person by December 1st. This is an excellent one day course.  We have used this company before and it is aimed specifically at car and bike incidents, learning the correct way to take helmet off if necessary.
The cost also includes also refreshments throughout the day. Coffee / tea breaks and lunch.

Membership fees - confused? 
This was discussed recently and a clarification is needed. There are two fees to pay:

1. Wiltshire RoADAR (the Group) - an annual fee is paid to the Group in October. This pays for hall hire, speakers and promotional material. This fee does not cover test fees or RoADAR/RoSPA membership fees.

2. RoADAR (HQ) - a fee is only paid to RoADAR (HQ) in the first instance for the test fee. After that, it is up to the individual if they wish to pay an annual membership fee to RoADAR - this is in addition to paying an annual membership fee to Wiltshire RoADAR. If a member does pay an annual fee to RoADAR, then assuming one does so for three years continuously, there will not be a further test fee to be paid for the three yearly retest.  The fee to RoSPA is paid by the indiviudual at the time of booking their test. Annual renewal to RoADAR is around the time of your test. 
A reminder for all Members there is a Forum on the Website which can be used for any purpose but particularly coordinating events, hints, tips and general conversation.  It is easy to register on the website so please do log on and chat away.
Test results 
Reminder to let the Membership Secretary, and your tutor, know when you have taken your Advanced Driving/Riding Test and result. This is so our database is kept up to date; there is no need or pressure at all to have the result published on the website or in this newsletter if you wish to keep your result confidential.

Committee minutes 
It was discussed at the most recent committee meeting that minutes should be made available to any member who wishes to see them. We have no objections to this, of course, but would prefer not to publish them on our website. If you are interested in reading the minutes, then please send a mail to the Group Secretary whom will promptly forward them onto you. Better still, why not pop along to a committe meeting to see them developed first hand! 
Skill Share

We will be running SkillShare for both cars and bikes on the first Saturday of every month from April to October (inclusive) at the Divine Café in Cherhill at 1000 – 1200 (details on the website if you need them).  Please use this as a way of encouraging new members to come and meet us and have a driving /riding assessment. 
All Tutors please make yourself available where you can to help us promote the Group.  Cars are coordinated by Nick Carrington and Mark Sealey for Bikes.
Membership Secretary: Mrs. Monica Graham, 114 Marines Drive, Faringdon, Oxon. SN7 7UG.Tel: 01367 242377
Hon Secretary: Mrs. Mary Southgate
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